"Lessons of Liberty"
Summer Seminar in the Republic of Georgia

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Photo of 'Narikala Castle' by Gia Javelidze

Photo of "Narikala Castle" by Gia Javelidze

The Praxgirl on Methodology
Episode 1:
Episode 2


[Neville Kennard - Rest in Peace]

Neville Kennard - R.I.P.
A Great Friend of Liberty

A Time for Choosing


Harvard Economics Professor explains Libertarianism
Attention students: please view this video by Wayne Root; about entrepreneurialism. There will be a live Q & A session with Wayne, a tele-video-conference, at the 2011 Liberty Camp.
Wayne's ideas maybe included among topics for discussion in business classes. For more information about the live Q & A discussion with Wayne, questions or comments for Wayne, or ideas for classes, please write to Kevin at:



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Paata Sheshelidze and the New Economic School (Georgia) typically host one or two libertarian events each month. Last July, NES hosted a first for Georgia-- a week-long liberty-studies summer camp for university students.

Featuring both English teachers from America and Russian teachers from nearby countries, the focus was study of Liberty. We had six classes per day. After breakfast and lunch, teachers with a special expertise delivered a lecture to the whole group. Sometimes we showed a video from the John Stossel in the Classroom series, narrated by Professor Ken Schoolland.

The other four classes were about 5-10 students per teacher, using the Socratic method of questioning students to encourage their performance. Teachers had a wide variety of professional and educational experiences, and discussed liberty from a variety of perspectives, both practical and theoretical.

For example, for Liberty Camp--II, English teachers were: Louis James (ISIL board member and financial newsletter editor) Ken Schoolland (ISIL board member, Jonathan Gullible author, and economics professor) Li Schoolland (experienced language teacher) Kenli Schoolland (recent graduate in Economics) Sunni Maravillosa (Psychology teacher and entrepreneur) Kevin Bjornson (retail store owner and writer with emphasis on Jus Gentium)

Last year's Russian teachers are young scholars who have been to the Liberty Camp of Lithuania many times. They gave a slide presentation about their previous camp experiences, helped with teaching, participated in classes, and helped make this a regional event. You will see photos of most of them--Anna, Andrea, Nata, Dima, Tanya, and Andre--in our photo collection. If you would like to help next year's liberty-studies summer camp, as a teacher, student, or donor, please contact kevin@libertyenglishcamp.net

Serenaded by a beautiful singer

[Being serenaded by a beautiful singer]

Eschen and Students
[Andy Eschen with students]

Dinner in Georgia

[Dinner in Georgia]

Budding Entrepreneurs

[Budding Entrepreneurs]

Students enjoying the Georgian sun

[Group enjoying the outdoors]

School on cliff in Tbilisi

[School on cliff]

Enjoying a lecture and some drinks

[Lecture at Liberty School]

Students on a field trip

[Students on a field trip]

Students enjoying the social life

[Students bonding]

Andy Eschen and students making a toast

[Andy and  Students making a toast]

The students and faculty of 2010

[The students and faculty of 2010]

One thing is for sure, Andy Eyschen has good taste!

[Andy and a Beautiful Woman]


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