A Time for Choosing

[Russian Tank in Georgia - 2008]

July, 2008.

Russian tanks barrel down Georgian highways, nearing the ancient capital city of Tbilisi.
They were opposed by Georgian soldiers, who died holding WWII-era bazookas.
[Photo woman looking at pictures of children]

Backed by neo-Soviet forces, "irregulars" from neighboring Chechnya proceeded to terrorize the civilian population through a Jihad of plunder, rape, and outright murder.


Georgia is the subject of Greek legends of Jason, the Argonauts, and the Golden Fleece. Strategically located between oil fields in Azerbaijan and world markets to the west, Georgia lies on the southern border of Russia and the eastern Black Sea coast.

Georgia is part of the former Soviet Union. They have enthusiastically adopted free enterprise and human rights--traditional American values now more followed in Georgia than in America. Much as Constantinople upheld many Greco-Roman values for a thousand years after the fall of Rome to barbarians.

Libertarians (classical liberals now called "conservatives") from America, Australia, Canada, and Europe have volunteered to teach the values of liberty and freedom. Starting four years ago, each summer we hold a "Liberty Camp" in Georgia--where university students gather in classrooms to discuss free society and personal freedom.

Here is a slide-show presentation about our Liberty Camp-Georgia:
Liberty Camps started in another part of the former Soviet Union--Lithuania. Originally dedicated to teaching English first and liberty second, nowadays most young people have good knowledge of English. (For those who don't, we have Russian-speaking teachers.) At the Liberty Camp-Georgia, our goal is to create in Georgia a beacon of freedom and personal responsibility through the education of university students and recent graduates.

Our host organization, the New Economic School, and it's president Paata Sheshelidze, are very effectively advising the Georgian government. But we realize that without educating young people, future generations might forget lessons painfully learned during the Soviet era. We teach them values of liberty, helping to form a community of friends, much like the "school tie" network of Harvard and Yale graduates. We also teach them how to create and run new businesses, so that our graduates are successful in life and able to contribute to the growing movement of free people.

We have taken surveys at the beginning and end of each Liberty Camp. Each time, students gravitate toward viewpoints favorable to freedom. In many cases, students also appreciate more deeply their cultural roots, and move in a conservative direction. As at one camp, where we toured the cave city where residents of Tbilisi fled after a long-ago Muslim invasion.

At one Liberty Camp shortly after Ronald Reagan passed away, we showed a DVD tribute to his life's work. This summer, we plan to present his historic talk in support of Barry Goldwater in 1964; called "A Time for Choosing".


Now is the time for you to choose. Will you support our work? We could use more volunteer teachers; but even more, we need financial support for students and teachers. Your contributions to the "Liberty Camp-Georgia" project at ISIL (International Society for Individual Liberty, a 501-c-3) are US income tax deductible.


Their website is:

Please write to Jim Elwood at:

For more information about the camps, or wish to contribute your frequent flyer miles, you may call Kevin Bjornson at: 206 547 2202; or write him at: kevinsbjornson@yahoo.com


If you wish to discuss your tax-deductible donation with Jim Elwood, please call him at: (707) 746-8796

The next Liberty Camp-Georgia is scheduled for August 6-12, 2010.
Thank you for your kind consideration.
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